David Lodge ‘Auf taube Ohren fallen’

Just finished reading David Lodge’s Deaf Sentence and I highly recommend it. Mr. Lodge almost always creates the right mix of everyday life and everyday themes in the most enjoyable way, it’s witty, funny, sad, thoughtful, all in one (but of course as with anything in life literature’s a matter of taste).

There’s one little error though when he says that the english to fall on deaf ears has equivalences in other languages (page 247 in my edition) and he claims that the german equivalent is auf taube Ohren fallen. I’ve never heard this in my life, all I know is auf taube Ohren stoßen. Not sure where he got this since I think it must have been part of his research for the novel.

Well, nobody is perfect 🙂


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I'm almost 50 years old, male, was born and raised in Germany, have a wife and children, make a living in IT, and the rest will follow.
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