Eurovision Song Contest 2010

So Germany won the Eurovision Song Contest 2010.

When I first heard the song I was not impressed, category ‘nice’, sung in ‘english’ one needs to get used to, and I feared that my fellow countrymen were creating a big hype which would lead to the big downfall on May 29: the song and the way it was performed did not fit into the usual winning categories.

But surprisingly on Saturday night the proven recipes did not work for the other contestants: no pretentious ballad, no leg wielding dark or blond haired, no Eurobeat, no folkloristic sugar coating, no fireworks nor wind machine. It was not the best song but I think it was simply the performer Lena who caught the audiences attention and her style and attitude caused the big shift away from the same old tiresome and boring choices of the past years (maybe excluding last year’s winner from Norway who also had already something refreshingly young and different in his performance).

Now ESC usually does not contain songs of big interest to me, not my style of music, this time it was different and I found a number of songs appealing and really worth a second hear.
I thought that Iceland and Denmark would have good chances, I personally liked the songs from Georgia and Armenia (really well produced when you listen to the videos) but I would have voted for the song from Ukraine, also a reduced performance.


About mysenf

I'm almost 50 years old, male, was born and raised in Germany, have a wife and children, make a living in IT, and the rest will follow.
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